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Question: France German Invasion WWII Family Lost Child Hide History From Other Child

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Asked by halettem on Tue 11, Jul 2017 03:05pm :
I read a book that was written from the prospective of a child who's
parents had a secret.  I believe it was 1st published in French only, and
won an award or two -- then was translated into English.  It was on the
short side.  Pretty sure it was a non-fiction.  Even though it was written
from a personal experience, couldn't confirm all facts and wrote a story
based on experience and research. The family was in the French country side
and their child, even maybe the husband were deported and killed?  Then
maybe the wife remarried and had another child, and never told the child
what happened?  That is my recollection of what I read.  I've tried
Googling every word question I can think of and I can't find anything.  Any
help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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