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Question: Cowboy who marries woman abused by her brother just for partnership because his ex-wife left and took half of everything

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Asked by mhertz on Mon 17, Jul 2017 07:48pm :
The woman’s mother passed away,so she was left with her stepfather and
stepbrother. When they then grew older she was then left with her
stepbrother who decided what she did when and physically abused her if it
wasn’t according to what he said. Her stepbrother bought a piece of
land,which belonged to a cowboy who lost it during his divorce with his
high maintenance ex-wife. The woman was sent to see about this land where
she met the cowboy. While both of them were having lunch at the diner, the
hostess of the diner spoke to him about the fact that he was now only
looiking for someone to marry him as a partnership more. The woman then
proposed he should herself for this and after having no response left the
dier and went back to the city. After a while he phoned her and proposed
and she agreed. She went to live with him and after a bit his ex-wife
showed up moving back in and making trouble and it appeared he was more
interested in his ex-wife.
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