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Question: Diary from 2000s - author writes about his search for happiness

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Asked by mitch66 on Thu 20, Jul 2017 04:33pm :
My friend sent me a picture she found online, it shows only the first page
of the book and she asked me if I could find it for her. Here's what's
written there: 

"Every person who ever felt loneliness, must know the feeling of the empty
room - and it's painful... noticable that the sixties have created a
society of lonely people. 

It becomes harder and harder to find personal peace - which is sad. 

I don't persume to know the answers, but this block consists of my personal
observations and feelings - all a part of my search for happiness. I
believe that the answers must evolve from love, honesty and trust, but each
of us must search for our own truths. 

13.12.1975. J" 

I literally know nothing about it, just that first page. Not even sure if
it's a book, but it's worth a try - it seems interesting.
Thank you for your help.
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