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Question: book from the late 90's. Indian that saves girl and takes her back to the lady that raised him.

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Asked by leann2002 on Fri 28, Jul 2017 12:17pm :
it is about a half indian that goes and recues a girl and take her back to
live with the white women that raised him. He goes and works for a railroad
company. He comes back and helps take care of the little girl because she
gets hurt and she cant walk. her leg got infected and he had to cut it back
open and get all the infection out. Once she is back walking again, he went
back to the railroad to work. Then he has to come back and find the girl
because someone kidnapped her. once he finds her this time he marries her
Indian way. He takes her back to home. he goes back to get his son from the
married women at the railroad that tricked him into having a child at the
railroad he was working at. She shoots him and he goes back to the Indian
village till he can heal. After he is all healed he goes and gets his son
that almost dies because the railroad car over turned. After he gets his
son he goes back to the girl he left back at his mothers house. when he
gets back there the white women who has raised him has passed away and only
the girl he married is there.
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