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Question: mad scientist obsessed with lava lamps. dystopia, aliens

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Asked by doobyna on Wed 23, Aug 2017 12:44pm :
i first read this book circa 2012, although i believe it is much older, 70s
or 80s i'd say. it was about an alien invasion on earth, the aliens were
much insect-like, and kinda robotic. they didn't seem to have any kind of
goal, they just destroyed everything around them and ate, or at least
killed, people. there wasn't any kind of resistance, at least to the point
i read to. there was this mad scientist or something, though, and he had
friends or students who were hiding at his flat where he had many-many lava
lamps. he loved watching them go. i want to think the scientist predicted
the invasion or had hitns as to how to get rid of the aliens, but i'm not
so sure. 
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