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Question: Looking for romance novel set during American Revolution

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Asked by syra91280 on Fri 25, Aug 2017 08:58am :
So the book is set around the American Revolution. I cant remember any
character names but the female leads nickname is cottontop because her hair
is almost white. In the beginning of the book she is somehow in trouble and
a ship captain she has know for a long time and who happens to be in port
agrees to marry her and take her out of town. They secretly marry and after
some small adventures that I can t quite remember they finally make it to
his home in Jamaica. Again after some more adventure and plot twists (and
the main characters finally falling in love) he tells her he has to sail to
France but wants her to go to America with some of his friends. It turns
out he is going to France because his mistress just told him she had his
baby and the baby is in France. So he heads to France but the mistress was
lying and went to see his wife and give her the baby. So his wife and baby
son travel to America but the war has broken out once they get there so is
somewhat a captive in her families home who are loyal British subjects. She
meets her cousin who is a British solider who falls in love with her. She
has to tell everyone her husband is dead. After much time she finds out he
really did die and is again in trouble. So she marries her cousin and falls
in love with him. She gets pregnant but her new husband gets a dangerous
assignment that kills him. She then find out from his father that her first
husband is not dead and is in a prison. He finally gets out and they
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