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Question: Children born with any kind of physical deformities are called mutants and must hide underground

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Asked by patethna on Fri 25, Aug 2017 11:15am :
I read 1/2  of it in  the '80s but I don't know publication date at all. A
friend was reading it for school so it could be a young adult book. It
isn't The Chrysalids.
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Comment by sallievern on Sat 26, Aug 2017 03:17am:
"Slan: by AE van Voight?
"Published in 1940, this is one of the first
popular novels to feature a group of people who have mutated into
super-intelligent beings sort of X-men style and become outcasts.
Called Slan after their creator Samuel Lann, the mutants have psychic
abilities, super-healing and enhanced agility. But some of them also
have tentacles that make them easy to spot. As humans try to hunt down
and kill these visible Slan, others go underground and try to stop the


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