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Question: Picture book read in 90's about a white cat, Harriet, helping his mother cat bake a cake. He had to go retrieve ingredients; egg from chicken which he carries on his head and almost drops.

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Asked by danilion54 on Fri 25, Aug 2017 10:16pm :
I first read this book in the mid 90's. The book was a red hardback picture
book and had 3 kittens walking on the bottom of it (I lost the jacket of
the book). A young kitten, Harriet, helps mother kitten bake ( I think a
cake). She asks him to get an egg from the chicken when he returns with the
egg he places it on his head and almost drops it in front of mommy cat but
catches it in time. He also needs to get flour or wheat from somewhere and
milk from the cow. The pictures in the book are of two white cats, mother
and son, Harriet with the egg on his head, the cats baking the cake. 
That is all I remember. Please help! Thanks!
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