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Question: Book between the 1990's-2006 ~ boy goes to live beside a forest that has magical creatures in it.

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Asked by Áine_9 on Sat 26, Aug 2017 06:21pm :
A boy goes to his Relitive's house after his mum and dad were killed the
house is beside a forest full of monster like creatures. His sister is deaf
and his mum and dad were killed by a tree trunk that fell of a truck on a
motorway when this boy was young 
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Comment by sallievern on Sat 26, Aug 2017 07:46pm:
"Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest" by Matt Haig [first book of the
Shadow Forest
series "Samuel
Blink and the Forbidden Forest is an exciting fantasy by Matt Haig.
Samuel, 12, and his 10-year-old sister, Martha, live in Nottingham with
their parents. As the story opens the family is in the car, heading for
a surprise destination to celebrate Martha’s birthday. His sister is
singing, his parents are arguing over the map and Samuel is hoping they
aill arrive at a theme park. And then, in a bizarre twist of fate
involving a truck hauling logs, Samuel and Martha’s parents are killed
in a freak car accident, although both children are physically
unhurt. Martha not only stops singing, she no longer talks at all
after the death of her parents. Their mother’s sister, Aunt Eda, as
their only living relative, sends for them and they travel to Norway to
live with her. Eda is stern in appearance, has a Norwegian elkhound
named Ibsen and no TV or computer. Samuel is determined to hate
everything about her and the place where he must live. It doesn’t help
that he neither speaks nor understands Norwegian. Eda, a former Olympic
javelin thrower, was married to an Olympic Silver Medalist ski jumper
who, unbeknownst to the children, disappeared into the forest behind the
house many years ago. Aunt Eda also has a list of rules they are
required to follow, two of which (#1 Never go up to the attic; and #9
Samuel. It doesn’t take long for Samuel to break the first rule, and
this unwittingly leads to breaking rule


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