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Question: Book from the early 2000's with a girl who has amnesia, but is wanted by many people

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Asked by normanb on Mon 28, Aug 2017 12:18am :
The book I'm looking for has a wizard guy who is looking for a girl and she
has amnesia, but secretly the spirit or soul of a powerful witch is trapped
in her body.  The girl is blonde and on the cover of one of the books being
all magical and stuff. 

The wizard guy sends his apprentice who is a ranger type dude to bring her
to him but he has a change of heart and decides to help the girl avoid the
wizard guy.
The ranger dude has a ring that gives him limited use of telekinesis, but
only 3 times or he gets a really bad migraine. 

There are other people in their little crew/party I think one of them is a
big bruiser punchy guy. But I can't remember much else 
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