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Question: Space whale creatures that were used as boats on another planet

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Asked by redesigned on Mon 28, Aug 2017 06:06am :
Hello, I read this book sometime in the mid 2000s, and I don't remember
much about it except that there was a young boy who befriended this whale
like creature that the people on that planet used as boats? And he grew up
through the book, left to go on a spaceship, and came back to the whale
creature when he was all grown up. Also I think the whales were sort of
telepathic, but they didn't speak in words, they sang. There was a scene
where the boy slept outside on a beach to watch all the whales gather and
interact with each other. I can't find any reference to this book anywhere,
I'm starting to think I dreamed this whole book up as a child!
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