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Question: Book about kids who have magic (something to do with colour of eyes and type of magic) maybe a trilogy... I only remember that some are stronger and the strongest ones fly to another planet to win a war...

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Asked by dominique on Wed 30, Aug 2017 02:41am :
I really can't remember a lot about it. The memory of reading the book is
like a dream. 

I remember maybe a select child having magic that is something to do with
their eyes. But adults and parents don't have magic. And they fly through
space on a long journey with the stronger children keeping the younger
children warm. Then there's a war with the strongest magical children. But
perhaps travelling there was a mistake. Then all magic in all children is
released and the world changes. Children help parents with their magic. . 
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Comment by sfreader on Wed 30, Aug 2017 12:00pm:
The Doomspell trilogy by Cliff McNishe?
Comment by dominique on Thu 31, Aug 2017 03:45am:
Thanks that is the trilogy... I cant believe how far removed my
description was from the blurb! Thank you very much


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