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Question: Early 2000's book/series about girls in a fantasy land with a talking boat

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Asked by csheets12 on Thu 31, Aug 2017 12:30am :
I don't remember many details about the book, but I believe it was a series
about a group of girls who find a fantasy land that has a talking boat,
that was once a person, that warns them to stay away from mermaid like
creatures because they are evil. It also has an evil queen or ruler who
wants them dead and who turned someone into a boat and into a tree. There
is also a tree that  has someone/multiple people trapped it in that have
became part of the tree. I read it in high school and I graduated in 2011,
so it is an earlier 2000's book/series. The girls have to fight the evil
ruler to save the fantasy world they have found. 
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