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Question: Girl enters athletic trials in her kingdom to prove herself

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Asked by laki on Thu 31, Aug 2017 02:27am :
I'm looking for a book where the main character is a girl. The story plays
in a different world, where there are athletic trials every few years.
There was a war some years ago. The people are divided and there is some
The girl and her family belong to the "respectable" families, but aren't
that rich anymore (I am not totally sure about that). She defies her father
and enters the trials. The athletes have their faces covert when in the
arena. Only the winner will take it off. One of the trials has something to
do with rings that move (here I am not that sure) and the athletes have to
jump from ring to ring to get to the center. If the athlete falls or misses
his step, he likely dies.
The girl wins the trials. Afterwards she will be invited to one of the
houses (of rich, noble people) to train and get better. An athlete has to
win about 10 trials so he or she can get to the next level to participate.
There is also the royal family and a prince that plays some part in the
I already searched the internet, so now I'm hoping I can count on you guys
to find that book :)
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Comment by a on Thu 31, Aug 2017 07:50am:
Sounds like it might be Court of Fives, by Kate Elliott.


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