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Question: Two modern-day children crawl under strange hole in fence, time travel back and live with Native American tribe

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Asked by realbookbot on Sun 10, Sep 2017 10:57am :
The book I am looking for is about two children (I believe a boy and a
girl, and they're siblings). They have an old fence in the backyard that
their father is planning on tearing down. The kids go to look at the fence,
find either a hole under the fence or a loose board, and crawl through it,
and when they come out the other side, they have traveled back in time and
encounter a native american tribe. 
They live with the tribe for a period of time. The things I remember are:
at one point the girl pulls another child out from under a tree just before
it gets struck by lightning, one of the children was really good at
swimming, both of the modern children get "native american style" names, at
one point they go on a hike and the native american mother gives them some
sort of grain meal to eat. 
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Comment by kylierae on Sat 16, Sep 2017 04:35pm: this may or may not be
waht you are looking for, i hope this helps though.


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