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Question: Frozen in space

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Asked by spiggy on Sun 10, Sep 2017 01:14pm :
What i can remember
Boy dies and he is apart of some trial insurance plan where they freeze
He wakes up on a spaceship and cant remember how to do anything but if he
blinks twice or something he activates an AI that shows him how to do
His best friend is there but they end up not liking eachother.
Hes stuck on a ship with a bunch of other people like him and they are all
forced to clean. 
He learns that his girlfriend may have also been frozen but is being stored
someplace else. 
He finds out the location escapes the ship finds the cryopods and then
discovers that his girlfriend has been with them the whole time and shes
now with his ex best friend. 
He was used to find the rest of the pods and that he actually rescued his
ex girlfriends daughter
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