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Question: Book I read in 2009-2011, fantasy where boy travels across sea...

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Asked by jspence802 on Sun 10, Sep 2017 08:52pm :
I read a book in my Childfens Lit class in college. I have a VERY vague
memory of if but I would love to find it again!

I BELIEVE it was about a boy who went to find his sister, or she was with
him and he had to take her to a kingdom or sorta, and had to cross
dangerous places such as a treacherous boat ride. There were monsters such
as Orc-like creatures as I recall, and potentially an ice queen/ice dragon
that was trying to take his sisters energy or powers... I am so sorry that
my memory is so spotty about the plot! Praying someone can tell me the
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Comment by squish on Mon 11, Sep 2017 12:42am:
The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer?


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