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Question: Book from ~2012 - Girl goes into forrest behind house and falls into Portal to Underworld

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Asked by mb55177 on Mon 11, Sep 2017 04:40pm :
Girl goes to explore the forrest behind her house and falls into a portal
(possibly a pool of water) which takes her to the Underworld(unsure what
actually the 'dimension' is called), where everone is dead except for her.
She meets a skeleton guy who helps her, as everyone can see that she is not
dead if they look closely, and as such she gets chased and people want to
capture her.
She needs to go on a journey to find her way back out of the underworld,
and gets some friends along the way.
A couple of books (I think) in the end she gets a cloak which makes her
look her properly dead, and goes into a lighthouse building which has a
reprogrammable portal under the bed or cupboard which she gets home by.
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Comment by squish on Tue 12, Sep 2017 03:02am:
May Bird
Comment by mb55177 on Tue 12, Sep 2017 04:14am:
Yes Squish, it was the May Bird series - Thanks soo much.
Is there some
way to delete this Question now, so that it doesn't clog up the cue?


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