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Question: YA fiction about girl reborn into diff. bodies

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Asked by kimmie3597 on Tue 12, Sep 2017 12:02am :
Hey so there is this book I have been trying to find for YEARS (About 3-4)!
It's a young adult fiction book about a girl who is approached by a girl
who says she can get the boy she loves to love her in exchange for her
soul. The girl agrees and sells her soul to the girl and then goes to some
party with the guy she likes. She goes into the woods with him and I think
they have sex and then something goes wrong or something because she runs
out of the woods covered in blood and then disappears. Then like a year
later she comes back but it's a different girls soul in her body. She
doesn't know anything of the incident and nobody really understands her.
The new girl connects with her neighbor (An outcast boy the same age as
her) and they start like falling in love. I think there was some kind of
like weird organisation or something that helped girls and guys get the
people they were in love with in exchange for their souls pretty much.
Another thing I can remember is that the girls name starts with an A and I
think it's Annalise (I'm not sure if that is the exact spelling). I also
think the cover is grey/black and white and has a girl in a dress on it.
There may or may not be train tracks.
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