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This question was answered on Sun 17, Sep 2017 04:03pm by lagaudet

Question: Mystery Book - Drowning on a pier

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Asked by lagaudet on Tue 12, Sep 2017 11:08am :
Hi, i recently read a book, i think it was a newer book, written by a woman
author. It was about a girl who grew up in an English coastal town with an
old abandoned pier. Her friend fell of the pier and presumably drowned but
everyone was pretty sure someone else had something to do with it. SHe had
been dating a darker character. THe girl (not the one who drowned) was
called back from London to help the brother of the girl who drowned, find
out what really happened all those years ago. THe girl who did not drown
grew up in a hotel. Her father was very well liked but as you read the book
you realized he kind of had a relationship or crush with the girl who
supposedly drowned. so while she was helping figure out who had something
to do with the dissapearance, she was staying at an older place converted
into modern condo overlooking the Pier. SHe drank lots of wine. she was
being sort of stalked by someone. Also I remember doing research on the
location and it was based out of a town called weston-super-mare and the
pier is called Birnbeck Pier. Thanks so much in advance!
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Answer by lagaudet on Sun 17, Sep 2017 04:03pm:
i found it myself - Local Girl Missing.

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