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Question: Teacher rescues little girl who is a test subject

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Asked by jackifreeman on Tue 12, Sep 2017 10:31pm :
 They escape the classroom with possibly a body guard. The little girl is
part of a infected group of kids who will kill other humans. The researcher
wants to keep testing in the world girl because she special and will try
not to kill the other humans.    They are traveling to someplace else to
try and be together they find the researcher in her medical bus. The little
girl doesn't come in the bus she stays outside and camps in the woods. At
one point the humans are trapped upstairs in this house and The little girl
saves them by destroying the staircase so the other infected people won't
come get them. 
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Comment by squish on Tue 12, Sep 2017 10:43pm:
 The Girl With All the Gifts by M. R.


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