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Question: Novel written in 1980s set in a post apocolyptic USA, the hero is a mutant

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Asked by patboyle on Wed 13, Sep 2017 05:30am :
This was the first in a series of novels.  The hero does not realize for a
longtime that he himself is actually a mutant.  Most mutants live outside
the cities and are hunted and killed. The USA is divided into different
territories, one of which is inhabited by Japanese Samurai.

I read the book around 1985 but I think it was out a few years at that
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Comment by andyphillips on Wed 13, Sep 2017 01:33pm:
It sounds a lot like the Amtrak Wars series by Patrick Tilley.  The
first one is called 'Cloud Warrior' and it's a six book series. Be
warned though, they're thick books and I read them all to get to one of
my least favourites endings to a book ever!
Comment by patboyle on Mon 18, Sep 2017 02:04am:
Thanks Andy, the Amtrak Wars is the series I was looking for. 


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