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This question was answered on Thu 06, Aug 2009 09:14am by antmusic

Question: Boy turns invisible because of an electric blanket?

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Asked by cm525 on Tue 21, Jul 2009 04:57pm :
It's a 90's book i believe, the boy is at the library and runs into a blind
girl, so she doesnt realize he's invisible. That's all i remember...
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Answer by antmusic on Thu 06, Aug 2009 09:14am:
"Things Not Seen" (2001) by Andrew Clements
Bobby Philips- A fifteen year old boy who finds himself invisible one day
because of his malfunctioning electric blanket

Alicia Van Dorn- A blind girl who Bobby meets after bumping into him at the

Mr.Phillips- Bobby's dad who is a scientist who helps Bobby get back

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